Each employee will have opportunities of promotion and further career steps in Borusan Mannesmann, who knows teamwork well, has initiative and takes responsibility, acts in accordance with principles such as honesty and clarity, strives for improving his/her abilities, and cares about corporate values.



Our aim in the recruitment process is to evaluate those who want to work with us by regarding the principle of 'the right person for the right job'. As Borusan Mannesmannn in the recruitment and positioning process, we provide equal opportunities for candidates by disregarding language, religion, race, and gender discrimination. Through modern techniques, we choose our employees among those professionals, who fit in with organizational values, fully meet the work competencies, and make a difference with their performance.

According to the requirements of the position; we carry out:
• Foreign Language Exam
• Competency Based Interviews
• Profile Analysis

By evaluating personnel requirements determined according to the results of the Annual Plan, we place qualified candidates to vacant positions, after an overall evaluation process of applications in relation to our business requirements. The primary objective of the recruitment is to fill the open positions with the most suitable candidates by regarding both the personal and professional competencies -the will to succeed, responsibility and initiative, being customer oriented- aligned with the company vision, mission, objectives and the corporate culture.


Competency and Performance Management


The primary purpose of the performance management system at Borusan Mannesmann is to facilitate an objective evaluation of our employees, who play any distinctive role in the attainment of the company's strategic objectives, providing them with an environment of development and the opportunities needed to fulfill their potential.

We determine the components of the '360° Competency Evaluation' in light of data provided by managers, subordinates and counterparts, plus a thorough self-assessment. The 360° Competency Evaluation System enables us to compare the competencies of our employees with requirements of the position and gives us the results of areas for improvement.

Performance evaluation meetings, consisting of both business and personal competency targets, are held at least twice a year. With this evaluation we follow the mission, competency, responsibility and the will to succeed of an individual/employee to realize their defined targets.


Training and Development


We assure that one of the most important criteria of being one step ahead for a competitive advantage is a well-trained, integrated and developed workforce fitting in with the company. For mentioned purposes, all the training and development activities are grouped under the umbrella of the Borusan Academy.

Borusan Mannesmann is always accrediting employees with all certifications of strategic information management, human resources development, leadership/management and individual/technical development by having all kinds of training and nourishing activities through The Borusan Academy. The mission of The Borusan Academy established for this purpose is 'to generate business leaders who create value'. This concept has its roots deriving from the principle of our group vision of 'being one step ahead'. Having the 'one step ahead' philosophy entails a principle of supporting employees to do the right job and to be the best.


Career Management


During the "Career Management Meetings" held regularly every year, we evaluate all employees from every level or department for indicators such as permanently meeting and surpassing of targets, development of competencies, preparation for the responsibilities of higher positions, initiative and willingness in taking on difficult assignments without any encouragement and the creation of a unique difference in the workplace through a positive attitude and personal attributes.

We determine the future career path of our employees by not regarding their job/work, level of education, work experience, company/department as fixed variables; the company compares its present situation with potential future organizational structure in terms of competency and potential profiles of its employees and aims to have a continuous/sustainable long-term corporate success.


Job Evaluation, Compensation and Fringe Benefits


The job evaluation program, HAY, is being currently applied within the Borusan Group. A total revenue package for employees is settled by determining the value share of the job done in the company through this worldwide job evaluation methodology.

Determining the level of fees depends on classifications of levels/groups of work in comparison with the circumstances in the market. Furthermore, we have got a performance management system integrated with a reward structure. All reviews and accomplishments are noted by the company.

Wage increases are determined according from contributions of employees to the company objectives, competency development, functions, averages of the sector and the inflation rate per year. Fees are paid in 12 gross monthly salaries.

Individual Retirement
In all Borusan Group covering Borusan Mannesmann, all employees, their spouses and children over the age of 18 can have the advantage of an exclusive group retirement pension plan.

Health Insurance
All Borusan Group employees have benefits of inpatient and outpatient emergency health insurance, and life insurance, as well as an annual health check depending on the level of coverage.

Borusan employees are provided with service buses from their residential area.

Lunch are provided by Borusan Mannesmann.