Like in all Borusan companies ''Human Resources'' is regarded as our most valuable asset in Borusan Mannesmann. Therefore, our primary objective is to create a working environment where our colleagues would be happy and able to develop themselves in both professional and humanitarian aspects.

There is no limit of the human potential. Success brings the desire to achieve more. Having a principle of 'being one step ahead', we invite you to work in a supporting, improving, and motivating environment for continuous success. Current and future members of Borusan family's core values;

• always has a target of achieving more with drive to succeed.
• has individual initiative and takes responsibility.
• is ambitious and shows highly qualified leadership skills.
• is accurate, credible, successful, and transparent.
• is an effective leading team player who is on a quest for self-improvement, motivating others around.
• shares, consults and sacrifices.
• is customer-focused who has transparent and enduring customer relationships but also a reliable advisor rather than being only a product or service supplier.
• forms transparent, long-term, enduring business relations based on trust with employees, customers, shareholders and other business partners.
• is innovative, and diligent to constantly build his or herself up.
• aims to contribute to society in terms of culture, arts, and educational matters, is responsible for the environment, actively takes a role to increase the quality of life for those around.
• makes a difference by applying the 6 Sigma methodology.