Borusan Mannesmann, like all Borusan companies, accepts its most valuable capital as human resources. For this reason, we see it as our primary goal to offer a working environment to our colleagues, where they will be happy and develop themselves in professional and human aspects.

There is no limit to the human potential. Success brings with it the desire to do better. With the principle of "Always one step ahead", we invite you to a sincere working environment that develops, motivates, guides you to success and ensures continuous improvement.

Selim Aslan - #BorusanMannesmannlıyım

Borusan Mannesmann people develop themselves and motivate those around them by taking individual initiative and responsibility. It aims to contribute to society in the fields of culture, art and education, as well as discipline and dedication in business life.


Hüsamettin Dinçeli - #BorusanMannesmannlıyım

While Borusan Mannesmann people are developing themselves, as a result of working in a global company, with Talent Gate application, they have the opportunity to work for short and long term in our foreign facilities; they provide the opportunity to learn and teach new experiences internationally and on-site.

Deniz Sedar Suna - #BorusanMannesmannlıyım

Borusan Mannesmann takes individual initiative and responsibility with Borusan Alpha, increasing the speed of adaptation and learning speed of new engineers in business life. Borusan people always aim to do better by acting with the determination to succeed.